About us

We believe that blockchain technology will bring about tremendous changes to the global society and economy. Our mission is to fund and build the innovative ground-breaking decentralized economy infrastructure, by investing in and supporting the future unicorns at different stages of development.

Our highly experienced and research-based global team focus on empowering innovative projects to realize the vision and build long-term value that will thrive for many decades to come. 

Our thesis

  • Web 3.0

  • Decentralized economy infrastructure

  • New Ways for Monetize

  • DeFi

  • NFT

  • Metaverse

What we have

  • a deep technical understanding of blockchain technology

  • asymmetric knowledge and vision of the industry

  • respected leaders with strong networks around the globe

  • a value-add approach to supporting the growth of the ecosystem

  • a clear and differentiated investment thesis