About Metaverse

Metablock Ventures

22 Jun 2021

From the dimension of human history development, human beings are currently exploring towards two dimensions, physical space and virtual space, and the interstellar era and Metaverse are coming to us.
The Metaverse is a projection of the human real world into the virtual world and an extension of the human mind, so the logic of the real world must also support the Metaverse worldview.
It is inferred that the Metaverse should possess and transcend the basic characteristics of the real world:
1. Permanently
As the real world does not depend on individuals or organizations for its existence and operation, the ultimate Metaverse should also not depend on the existence of a single company or organization.
2. Ownership
The wealth created by individuals or organizations in the real world belongs to them, and people originally created laws and states to guarantee this goal, so people in the Metaverse own the wealth they create and are guaranteed it by mathematical laws.
3. Assemblability
In the real world, due to the limitation of physical space, it is difficult to combine and interoperate different things, but in the Metaverse, assets and resources of different systems will be able to combine and refer to each other, and produce a chemical reaction-like effect.
Therefore, it is hard to imagine that what supports the existence of Metaverse in the future is not a high-performance public chain that solves the problem of scaling,and it is also hard to imagine that the native assets of public chains and various Tokens representing shares and ownership will not play an important role in the economic system of Metaverse.
DeFi on Ethereum is already a concrete manifestation of people's real financial activities in the real Metaverse, such as lending, trading, investment, speculation, the identity, NFT, DAO on the chain. These are all signs that Blockchain is advancing towards the world of Metaverse.
And as the Metaverse evolves and matures, it is accompanied by promising, third-generation Internet-scale investment opportunities.